Visual Arts


Throughout the year students in all year levels have a 60 minute session in the art room each week. The children are encouraged to develop an understanding of the various art forms including drawing, painting, printing, modelling, construction, threads and textiles and art appreciation. Every child has the opportunity to explore a variety art mediums, develop specific skills and techniques, and experiment with using the visual arts elements of line, shape, pattern, colour and texture. 


Their response to these experiences will allow for the development of an appreciation and enjoyment of the various art forms. The art program provides opportunities for students to present their art work to others both within and outside the school community, for a variety of purposes.  Where possible the visual arts program will be linked and integrated with other curriculum areas. Parents are welcome to support the art program in a variety of ways, please feel free to contact the school if you would like to be involved.


At Streeton Primary, both students and teachers are proud of the work that is completed during class time. This is particularly true in Art, where students can spend between one to six lessons working on one piece of work. Therefore we are constantly putting up displays of students work in and around the art room. When touring the school please take some time to admire students art work and read the display sign explaining what students had to do and comments from the students relating to the tasks.



Throughout the year students are provided with the opportunity to participate in Art Competitions, such as the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Competition. Some of these competitions promote themes that encourage students to research and expand on their understanding of issues and topics, while other competitions promote the enjoyment of Art. Depending on the competition parameters, students might be given class time to work on their entries, or the school might hold an internal competition to determine an entry if there is a limit placed on the number of entries per school.

If you become aware of any Art Competitions for schools or students, please let the school know via email.