Language (LOTE)


Streeton Primary School offers Chinese Mandarin from Foundation to Year 6. Our language program consists of a variety of topics including conversational language, Pinyin and character recognition and writing, as well as learning about culture, tradition, customs, history and arts. Pinyin is the spelling system used to represent the pronunciation of characters, which also assists students when creating texts in characters using digital media.
The programme is designed to:
  • Build up students' confidence in learning and using Chinese Mandarin
  • Develop students' communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Integrate other learning areas and a wide range of hands-on activities, making crafts, songs, drama, dances, rhymes and games
  • Explore age-appropriate and practical themes, e.g. family, daily greeting, hobbies, interests, feelings and emotions, colours, animals, home and environment

Students are encouraged to use Chines Mandarin for classroom routines, social interactions, structured learning tasks and language practice. Students learning will be also facilitated via digital technologies. Language prepares our students to develop international mindedness and intercultural awareness.