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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

Having interactive whiteboards provide an additional aide for teachers to engage with students, to encourage group participation and to interact beyond the normal class setting by enabling them to annotate and draw ideas and concepts over the very material they are learning. For example, being able to annotate a map of the world for all to see and participate. It also provides a great way for students to present information and have the class members participate actively, bringing to life static presentations.

Interactive whiteboards help promote collaboration amongst the students, providing a fantastic too for brainstorming ideas, working them through and capturing the results. It means these ideas can be shared at a later date with other groups or class members and promotes dynamic content which in turn lets students better explore numerous ideas and thoughts.

These provide yet another way for students to learn, to share ideas and work together at solving problems using the latest technologies.


At Streeton Primary we believe the curriculum we teach should be individualised to suit learning strengths, differentiated to meet academic need, and structured in a way that encourages and values our student's creative passions. We strive to provide this within 'real world', meaningful contexts in a way that will develop the varied skills our students will need in order to be successful in the 21st century.

Students in years 3 to 6 have the option of partaking in our 1:1 program through a "Bring Your Own Device Model" (BYOD). For those families unable to provide an iPad, a shared device will be available in the classroom. Students in our Junior School have a set of 15 iPads to utilise in their classroom throughout the week.

For more information see the Department of Education (iPads).

1:1 iPad Program

Utilising Apple TVs

Instructional technology takes so many forms. In some schools that may mean simply having a computer lab of desktop computers. In others, you may find SMART Boards and laptops in every room. In some of the more advanced classrooms, you may find an Apple TV serving as a media hub for teachers and students with an iPad. So, what can we do with an Apple TV in the classroom? The most common use of the Apple TV in a classroom is iPad screen mirroring.

Thanks to AirPlay, the iPads will let you wirelessly display your device’s screen on TV in each classroom that is connected to your Apple TV. This is great for the classroom as sharing Apps and tutorials via the iPad are becoming more popular. Through mirroring you can share just about anything you do on your iPad with your class. Student engagement and collaboration in our classrooms is now better than ever thanks to 21st century devices.

For more information on the benefits of using Apple TV, see the following website.