Defence Support Mentor For Our Serving Families


Support For Children

Streeton Primary School is federally funded to employ a part time Defence Support Mentor (DSM). Kylie Humphreys is available to answer questions from Defence families about Streeton Primary School and our local community and can be contacted on +61 3 9435 6070.

What does a Defence Support Mentor  do?

A DSM is like a Teacher's Aide, but they are employed through federal funding to help ADF families as they relocate to a new school and community. A DSM helps with the following:​

  • Assisting the school to understand the needs of ADF parents and their families in relation to their child or children's education
  • Informing the school and supports families if ADF families are deployed
  • Helping families with special needs
  • Assisting students to plan work portfolios and academic records for the new school
  • Acting as a point of contact for all ADF families

Who does a DSM help?

The DSM supports all defence children at the school, as required, with their learning and social needs.


Why do we have DSM's in schools?

The ADF acknowledges the support that deployed families need and provide funding to employ DSM's in certain schools near ADF bases in Australia. Sometimes children have difficulty settling into a new school. They may have trouble making new friends, or understanding and adjusting to new routines. The DSM helps the families to feel part of the community. DSM's answer questions and link families to the right support.

Is the DSM a teacher?

No, the DSM is not a teacher, but they provide support in the classroom to ADF students, as required.