Academic Performance




Our school has had a consistent record of high academic achievement for all students.  Our students are always challenged in a nurturing academic environment.

Through committed staff, a strong teaching methodology and whole school delivery of National Curriculum, we as a school have consistently achieved student data above state averages in both numeracy and literacy across years 3 and 5.

2019 Naplan Results

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School Self Evaluation

School Self Evaluation (SSE) provides opportunities to schools to examine their own practice within their own context and to report on their strengths and areas for improvement to their own school community. It brings benefits to teachers as they share experiences and ideas and helps them to become even more effective in their classrooms. It brings benefits to pupils as they have a say in what works for them and what helps them to learn. It brings benefits to the school as all teachers focus on the same small number of strategies for improvement.

Please take the time to read this document. It provides opportunity to understand the wonderful things happening at our school and identify areas in which we as a school are striving for improvement.

2014 School Self Evaluation.pdf