Innovative Programs



In recent years Streeton Primary School has started to incorporate the STEAM program into our weekly planners. STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics and is a hands on style of learning. This multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning encourages learners to utilise the intersection of art, science, technology, engineering, and math as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Big Write & VCOP

To improve our students writing and literacy skills we have introduced the Big Write and VCOP program across our school. The program is designed to bring the fun back into writing, to make the children want to write and to be continuously challenged throughout the writing journey. Through games, activities, writing tasks, cover stations and discussions, students will learn not only where their abilities lie in a fun and engaging way, but also the steps they need to make in order to continue to improve.

In the short time the program has been running at our school we have already seen an amazing improvement in our student writing and vocabulary.


Soundwaves Spelling

Google For Education


At Streeton PS we have a whole school approach to spelling. The Sound Waves phonemic approach uses a sound-to-letter strategy which acknowledges that sounds can be represented more than one way in written form. This synthetic phonics approach focuses first on the basic units of sound in our language – phonemes. It then explores the letters that represent these sounds and how they can be put together to form written words. The Sound Waves program is designed for all grades, from Prep to Grade 6, providing a key strategy to ensuring consistency of approach and results across the entire school.


At Streeton Primary School our team is always looking at providing our students with the most current technologies available. This year we have implemented the Google For Education model into our 3-6 year levels to enhance our fantastic 1:1 iPad program. Of greatest notice has been the increased engagement from our students in their learning. Some of the benefits for our teachers and students include working with other Google Apps to provide a platform for forms, surveys, projects as well as being able share folders and information with students providing new ways for teachers to provide feedback on assignments.
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Our students at Streeton are now a part of the Mathletics online learning community joining over 4 million students around the world. Mathletics is the world’s leading online numeracy resource, helping students to love learning and achieve greater results through engaging content that perfectly matches their school curriculum. We believe it is important for the whole family to be a part of the learning process, so we provide an engaging site for students, plus a place for you to keep track of your child’s results and progress. In addition, it provides a fun and interactive learning experience for all students.


Dedicated Open Learning Space

At Streeton we have a number of dedicated open learning spaces for the students to utilise, especially within the junior school where classrooms enable individual or cross-class lessons. Having the open plan style classrooms better engages the students and provided greater opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm as well as learn from others. In addition it provides a fun learning space for all sorts of activities, previously hard to achieve with closed off rooms.

Social Skills & Personal Growth

Social and personal growth is an important function of those first few years when transitioning into Primary School, and continue to provide a key part of a student’s growth before moving into the fast paced world of secondary school. At Streeton we actively encourage and provide for the expansion of social aspects for the students, and provide a setting for kids to explore. From our buddy bench to our better buddy program, the school prides itself in supporting the students’ personal growth to complement their academic learning. Having happy students with good self-esteem and a sense of belonging is an important base for learning.