Social Media


At Streeton, we are always looking for innovative ways to communicate effectively with our parents and wider community groups. We encourage our parents and friends to share in the celebrations and events with our school through the use of Facebook. We have embraced Facebook as a way to showcase numerous events, achievements and fun activities. It allows us to keep everyone informed and up to date, like what's happening on school camp as it happens!

You don't even need to have a Facebook account or be logged in if you do, to see our feed below. Alternatively you can select our main school page via either the Facebook icon that is available on every page in the top right corner, or by selecting the heading from the feed below. Similarly, you can access our dedicated permaculture Facebook page by selecting the heading from the corresponding feed below.

Streeton Primary

Need more information, wanting to explore what's happening right now, what better way than through our dedicated school Facebook page. Find out what the kids are up to, or in some cases, the teachers too!

Permaculture Farm

You can follow our progress on our Permaculture Farm through our dedicated Facebook page as we explore the care of animals, growing food and into our kitchen!